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Teen Therapy


Being a teenager today has its own share of challenges. From conflict with parents and teachers to drama with friends, while trying to deal with the never ending physical and emotional changes thanks to hormones. It's stressful being a teen. Adolescents and teenagers come to me saying they don't feel heard or understood by their parents or other adults in their lives. Simultaneously, parents share how exhausted they have become with their teenager, feeling overwhelmed that they "can't reach them". I'm here to say, its a battle that can be overcome on both sides. I have worked closely with hundreds of teens and their parents since 1998, whose stories are each unique yet share a common element just like your story. Let me help you and your family member. Whether you are the teenager seeking help or the parent of a teenager reading this, believe when I say change is possible as long as you want it. I am witness to this change and it amazes me each time I see it.